Baby/Toddler Area

ABC’s baby room is a warm, cosy and inviting place for babies aged 3 months -24 months. Staff have created a calm and relaxing atmosphere, with plenty of space to investigate and grow.  We aim to nurture a child’s enquiring mind and encourage them to begin to investigate their environment and try new activities. Staff further enhance this by offering activities and adventures, ensuring an exciting day ahead!

Staff nurture babies interest in their environment, ensuring they have a variety of sensory resources to stimulate their enquiring minds. Staff support the toddlers to develop, through new experiences and investigation, by well observed and thought through planning. They create activities & games, to meet the toddlers interest and ensure a wide variety of play is available daily. Staff also have a routine where there is time for stories, songs and rhyming games, all age appropriate and designed to help your child develop in speech, physically and sociability

ABC has a sleep room, where a calm inviting atmosphere is created, to help babies drift off for a nap. We also have a separate changing area, where we can hold a stock of your child’s nappies/cream etc. Nappies are changed regularly throughout the day or when a child requires a change.

The baby room supervisor observes the children to see their stage of development and what they are interested in, this is used to plan a variety of activities throughout the week. We have a cot room, where children can have a nap or rest areas within the room should babies prefer to nap with an adult with them. The babies have a routine of feeding, changing and activities, however we also follow a babies individual sleep and food routine. Staff are always on hand to give comfort and reassurance, helping to build their self-esteem.

Children get involved with our displays and these with other activities are often posted on our facebook page: abccully.

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