Pre-School Room

ABC day nursery & pre-school have a lovely cosy pre-school room, with access directly into a well stocked play area. The children are able to build great relationships with peers and staff, boosting their self esteem and nurturing independence. Staff get to know the children well, with each child having a key person, to ensure their development journal is a true reflection of them. ABC cares and nurtures your child alongside an exciting programme of educational, fun activities to keep them challenged and interested in their environment. Staff observe the childrens interests, take note and plan to meet these needs plus extend on their current knowledge, to help your child develop through the early years foundation stage profile. All achievements are then recorded in your childs personal learning journal, through tapestry online assessment system.  As staff use ipads they are able to upload photos and videos, of your child at play, but don’t worry the file is protected and data stored according to data protection. Only you see your childs learning journal. The childcare provided is loaded with learning experiences and adaptable enough to be flexible if our learning should take a detour!

The pre-school children look after our sensory garden & grow plants and vegetables to enjoy with their friends. They care for our pet Tobi tortoise, feeding him and collecting dandelion leaves.

The local area plays an important part of children’s learning, we borrow books from our local library, visit the fruit and vegetable shop to buy fruit for cookery sessions and find games and books in the local charity shops to enjoy.

Our days are full and fun! We always take a camera with us; please visit our gallery to see what we have been doing!

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